Blockchain has the power to end “big tech”

We believe in decentralised Blockchains, where millions of nodes connectively comprise the operating system of the future Internet, and thus have the power to end the area of centralised “big tech” corporations by 2030.

Cardano’s tech is just amazing:

  • Cardano is the most decentralised blockchain in the world. With our Cardano stake pool we want to help contribute to the decentralisation and are proud to be part of the…
  • Amazing Cardano community with academic background.
  • It’s the only blockchain that is extending the secure UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) model of Bitcoin, in order to stay both extremely secure yet still very small in data storage consumption.
  • The Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is less power hungry than Bitcoin’s Proof of Work, and that is better for our planet.
  • Transaction fees can be paid in native coins that are automatically converted to ADA. This is much more user friendly than Ethereum’s design to pay transaction fees in ETH only.
  • Smart contracts on Cardano will be written in Plutus, and are expected to be live in summer 2021. We believe that DeFi and other Dapps will be more secure than smart contracts written in Solidity on Ethereum, because Plutus builds on the functional language Haskell. This helps to prevent errors in the code by language design. Smart!
  • Ethereum Dapps can be ported over to Cardano easily, this will help the Cardano ecosystem to grow.

So, we truly believe Cardano “can make the world work better for all.