Why stake your ADA with us?

Because we are the APPYest Cardano Staking Pool in the world! 🙂

We love Cardano since 2017. We follow Charles Hoskinson, the super intelligent founder of IOHK and “father of Cardano” since many years. He communicates his visionary mindset very clearly, and we believe, he is the most inspiring personality to help propel the Blockchain revolution into the right direction. We invested in ADA years ago, and we are not considering selling any time soon. We are confident that the Cardano community will become the largest crypto community besides Bitcoin, supported by secure technology engineered by the brightest minds with academic backgrounds.

We are serial app entrepreneurs with 20 years of experience in software engineering for Web and App. We have build many digital products and connected mobile app solutions from the ground up for over 50 clients. We have a proven track record of keeping software up and running in different server and cloud environments. Linux dev-operations skills, that are key for running a high-secure server pool, have always been part of our daily routines.

Highest security standards for your ADA stake

For constant reliability, all appy.network Cardano Stake pool servers are located in data centers in Germany. We run on high performance server infrastructure from IONOS.com by 1&1, a well known German infrastructure provider with decades of industry experience. We secured our servers by the highest security standards, and our network topology is failure redundant. We’ll ensure continued monitoring and software updates, by compiling the newest Cardano node software from IOHK directly on our dedicated Linux hardware.

Currently running Cardano Node 1.26.0

Blockchain has the power to end “big tech”

We believe in decentralised Blockchains, where millions of nodes connectively comprise the operating system of the future Internet, and thus have the power to end the area of centralised “big tech” corporations by 2030.

Cardano’s tech is just amazing:

  • Cardano is the most decentralised blockchain in the world. With our appy.network Cardano stake pool we want to help contribute to the decentralisation and are proud to be part of the…
  • Amazing Cardano community with academic background.
  • It’s the only blockchain that is extending the secure UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) model of Bitcoin, in order to stay both extremely secure yet still very small in data storage consumption.
  • The Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is less power hungry than Bitcoin’s Proof of Work, and that is better for our planet.
  • Transaction fees can be paid in native coins that are automatically converted to ADA. This is much more user friendly than Ethereum’s design to pay transaction fees in ETH only.
  • Smart contracts on Cardano will be written in Plutus, and are expected to be live in summer 2021. We believe that DeFi and other Dapps will be more secure than smart contracts written in Solidity on Ethereum, because Plutus builds on the functional language Haskell. This helps to prevent errors in the code by language design. Smart!
  • Ethereum Dapps can be ported over to Cardano easily, this will help the Cardano ecosystem to grow.

So, we truly believe Cardano “can make the world work better for all.


Cardano Smart Contracts will be available by August 2021

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson made headlines after publicly revealing the official roadmap of the upcoming Alonzo upgrade. The new protocol update will come in the form of a hard fork around July or August, bringing smart contracts to the Cardano blockchain. Hoskinson affirmed that developers would be able to deploy their decentralized applications on the network as soon as …


The appy.network Cardano Stake Pool is operated by appy.services LLC from Tbilisi, Georgia. The company was founded by Jonas Soukup, a digital entrepreneur from Austria, and expert in digital product development. Looking back on 20 years of software architecture experience as agency CEO, product owner, programmer, app developer, and dev ops engineer, Jonas is a serial app entrepreneur who became confident that Blockchain is the future.